3 Biggest Challenges for New CPOs
A Guide for the First 100 Days

: A Guide to Success in Your First 100 Days

Keys to Quick Wins for New Chief Procurement Officers

A comprehensive guide for new Chief Procurement Officers and rising procurement leaders. This guide covers the three biggest challenges we see most new CPOs face, how to win in the first 100 days and our recommended playbook for driving rapid procurement-related savings.

Who Should Read This:

  • CPOs new to their role
  • Seasoned CPOs looking to brush up on their skills
  • Rising procurement leaders

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What’s in this issue


A New CPOs Biggest Challenges

Whether you are a seasoned procurement veteran taking on a new challenge or a talented executive from another discipline tasked with tackling procurement for the first time, one thing is for certain: your new role carries opportunities and risks.


How to Win in 100 Days

It is vital that you seize the initiative and create your own game plan. It must be data driven and defensible as you will need to sell it internally. Learn what the quick wins are and what “low-hanging fruit” you should focus on.


Our Recommended Approach

Learn how to focus on what really matters in the short term, how to lay the groundwork for your future vision, and build lasting relationships with key stakeholders all while scoring those early, quick wins.

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