Why Consortia Should Be A Part of Every Procurement Leader’s Savings Strategy

: Gain Leverage & Maximize Value in Select Indirect Categories via Consortia Programs

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Not having the bandwidth to address the 100+ spend categories that a procurement organization is responsible for, procurement leaders are making strategic decisions regarding where they allocate their staff’s time.

While categories such as office and janitorial supplies will likely be less politically sensitive or easier to implement a supplier change, these types of tactical, indirect categories are often prioritized higher on the list.

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Benefits of Consortia

Consortia, also known as group purchasing organizations or GPOS, leverage the power of aggregate member volume to provide best-in-class service levels and pricing.


Consortia Programs Overview

Insight Sourcing Group’s consortia are the quickest solution for clients to realize additional savings. Our clients savings range from 10 – 30% and can be realized in as little as 30 – 60 days.


How to Get Started

The implementation process for joining a consortia is quick, straightforward and painless. It requires very minimal effort on your part, and can have an immediate impact.

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