The Importance of
Private Equity Spend Analytics

: The Importance of Procurement Visibility in the PE Environment

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Private equity firms have long recognized procurement spend optimization as a strategic lever for valuation enhancement. Increasingly, leading firms are taking a quantitative, data-driven approach to enable their procurement strategies. But these advanced strategies are often frustrated by a lack of clarity into portfolio company spend data.

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What’s in this issue


The Spend Visibility Challenge

In a world where spend visibility is a basic requirement for even average procurement performance, most portfolio companies have a limited understanding of their annual expenditures except for the largest areas.


Why It Matters to Private Equity

Achieving procurement excellence begins with spend visibility whether for a portfolio company or across a portfolio. The benefits of full cost optimization are obvious in terms of cash flow, EBITDA, and competitive advantage.


Strategies to Leverage Spend Visibility

Learn the strategies that reflect how best-in-class private equity firms leverage spend analytics to define and measure value and ROI from strategic procurement programs.

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