François-Xavier is an Advisory Board Member at Insight Sourcing Group. He began his professional career in 1991 as a strategic consultant with Bain & Company. During his 5 years with Bain & Co., François-Xavier was mainly assigned to international projects, with one year spent between the Moscow and Warsaw offices (1993) and the creation of the South African office (1995).

He then created his own consulting firm, Masaï, with a former Bain & Co. colleague. Masaï was launched in 1996 as a firm specializing in cost optimization with the mission to boost corporations’ performance by optimizing their costs, delivering tangible and measurable results. Masaï enjoyed rapid growth, addressing a growing concern within corporations for cost control, cost efficiency and cost optimization. In 2006, having reached 120 professionals in 12 offices in Europe, US, Japan, China and India, François-Xavier accepted an offer from Lowendal, a competitor, to acquire the company.

Since 2008, François-Xavier has been a private investor and operational consultant to 7 companies and start ups he has invested time and money in. He is passionate about motorbikes, cars and race car driving, a wine enthusiast with a particular taste for Languedoc wines, and a seasoned traveler.