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Enterprise Energy Solutions

Enterprise Energy Solutions

Our team of energy consultants partner with clients to provide comprehensive energy management solutions in order to reduce energy costs and manage risk. By understanding our clients’ cost drivers, consumption profiles, and operational requirements, we are able to assist them to identify, analyze, and execute sustainability solutions that meet their financial targets.

ISG Energy stands out from the competitive market because we are truly independent and unbiased advisors to our clients. The energy industry’s consolidation of suppliers, consultants, and equipment manufacturers has only increased the value of having an independent third party that can come alongside their clients and help make decisions to maximize value for the end consumer.

Our energy management process is highly proactive, market driven, and supported by proprietary market intelligence gathered from years in the industry. Our Insight Sourcing engine provides our team with benchmarks and industry profiles which expedite the path from identifying opportunities to implementing savings.

“I highly recommend the Energy Practice at Insight Sourcing Group. We contracted with them to perform a utility bill audit of our electric, natural gas, water, and sewer spend across our multi-state footprint. ISG Energy’s deep-dive resulted in 9% of realized savings across all utility cost categories. Additionally, they assisted with utility contract negotiations and monitored savings implementations to ensure the achievement of maximum savings. ISG Energy has truly been a partner in increasing our business profitability.”

Director of Engineering & Energy
Southeastern Grocers, LLC

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Energy Management Snapshot

Energy and facility managers within the grocery sector have a big responsibility to not only manage the energy spend but also optimize hundreds of facilities across their portfolio. Organizing various stakeholders regarding capital budgets, maintenance spending and energy costs for optimal ROI can be a daunting but achievable task with the right partner.

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Case Study Snapshot

  • Saved $1.04MM via regulated rate analysis for a $10B regional supermarket chain
  • 20% saved on Fortune 200 distributor’s addressable energy spend
  • Eliminated 12MM pounds of CO2 for a national distribution company
  • Beat annual energy savings target of $5.6MM by $800K for snack food company



Sustainability is now a strategic priority for most businesses as it offers an incredible opportunity to drive innovation and generate bottom-line results. ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions helps clients achieve their sustainability goals as well as report on executed energy efficiency projects to ensure savings.

To do this, our team takes a data-driven approach to develop a sustainability strategy that is both financially attractive and meets operational criteria.


Exclusive White Paper

Mastering the Energy Cost Equation: An Introduction to Comprehensive Energy Management

Energy Cost = Price x Quantity. The implication of this expression is clear; energy cost is proportional to both price and quantity. Why then do companies often take a one-sided approach to energy management? By focusing solely on either reducing their unit costs or their consumption, companies miss out on significant energy savings. Worse yet, trying to reduce both price and quantity without understanding their interdependencies can result in cannibalized savings and missed ROI targets.

In this brief, we will examine cost management strategies and the pitfalls to avoid when implementing a comprehensive approach to energy management.


“Since our initial engagement, Insight Sourcing Group has addressed spend at 6 of 7 locations, beating an annual savings target of $5.6MM by nearly $800k. They introduced us to alternate levers for savings creation including pricing transparency in captive markets, tiered hedging strategies and risk mitigation in contracting.”

Vice President, Facilities
Leading Global Snack Food Provider

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