Energy Data Management

By utilizing Energy Data Management, our clients gain efficiencies in bill pay services and visibility into their utility data. Additionally, the insights that an energy information management system provides allow ISG Energy to easily execute on low-hanging savings opportunities.

ISG Energy’s UBM Services provided by a strategic partner presents portfolio-wide visibility and ensures on-time payments. Built by energy professionals, it provides clients with insights and efficiencies to make sound business decisions around their utility cost and consumption.

  • Energy Information Management Dashboard provides an “at-a-glance” view of spend and consumption perfect for understanding month-to-month patterns
  • Energy site-level details provide insightful views of data created to highlight atypical consumption and spend patterns
  • Capture 1% – 2% of energy savings through consolidated reporting and reduced billing errors

In conclusion, ongoing energy management is the foundation of cost optimization, and energy data visualization should be the first step in a comprehensive energy management strategy.

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