Regulated Rate Analysis

ISG Energy has a dedicated team that focuses on regulated rate analysis & optimization. This allows our clients to manage addressable energy spend in regulated markets (which make up two-thirds of United States utilities).

We work to identify the most economical rate tariffs for their facilities in regulated markets. Our clients rely on our deep knowledge of utility rate tariffs coupled with sophisticated modeling capabilities to recommend opportunities that align with financial targets. Additionally, we focus on immediate opportunities through large, investor owned utilities with flexible rate tariffs and structures.

Some examples of the types of opportunities we identify are:

  • Review electricity accounts and compare utility tariffs to ensure appropriate classification
  • Benchmark accounts across similar usage profiles to identify potential billing errors
  • Investigate opportunities, when coupled with demand side efficiency projects, to maximize returns and uncover additional savings benefits
  • Audit larger spend facilities that are behind cooperative and municipalities that offer limited rate options
  • Survey clients for utility sales tax exemptions
  • Identify economic development utility discounts

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