Sustainability & Demand Management

Sustainability & Demand Management techniques focus on modifying the way companies use their energy in order to reduce costs. The majority of Sustainability projects focus on reducing total energy consumption. A growing segment of strategies focus on optimizing when companies use their energy to avoid high cost pricing periods and capitalize on low cost periods.

ISG Energy utilizes our deep energy and market expertise to develop Demand Management, Renewables, and Energy Efficiency programs to drive significant sustainability results while still meeting our clients’ financial targets. Clients are able to leverage ISG’s negotiated pricing, vetted relationships with vendors, and project management resources to minimize costs and the timeline to implementation.

ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions can also assist in benchmarking your company’s energy carbon footprint and can help chart a course to meet your sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability & Demand Management approach includes:

Opportunity:  Limit energy consumption during peak hours by using on-site generation or curtailment techniques

Characteristics of a Good Candidate: Good candidates for Demand Management solutions will have

  • Owned facilities or leases longer than 5 years
  • Opportunities nationwide

Main Benefit:  Optimize facility usage patterns to avoid or reduce consumption during costly peak pricing periods

Potential Savings: 5% – 10% peak demand reduction

Opportunity:  Offset expensive energy purchased from your utility by supplementing your load with lower cost, carbon free power

Characteristics of a Good Candidate:  Good candidates for Renewable programs will have

  • Owned facilities or have 10- to 20-year leases
  • Locations in California, Texas or the Northeastern United States

Main Benefit: Reduce the long-term costs and hedge future price increases through sustainable energy

Potential Savings:  10% – 30% cost reduction on electricity obtained from renewable sources

Opportunity:  Replace inefficient lighting, HVAC, and install controls to reduce energy consumption

Characteristics of a Good Candidate:  Good candidates for Energy Efficient programs will have

  • Owned facilities or have leases longer than 2 years
  • Opportunities nationwide

Main Benefit: Reduce base consumption by optimizing or replacing existing equipment with more energy efficient solutions

Potential Savings:  25% – 40% reduction of energy spend on lighting applications

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