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SpendHQ is a SaaS spend analytics solution that provides rapid, accurate, and detailed visibility into your spend data. It takes disparate data sources and transforms it into an enterprise-wide view of your total spend with suppliers.

This image shows a Spend Analytics dashboard from SpendHQ, showing a companies supplier breakdown by spend category.

Purpose-built for Procurement Leaders

SpendHQ is the market leader in spend visibility and category analytics. The Spend Visibility module provides a top-down, enterprise-wide view of spend across all categories for targeting sourcing and cost reduction opportunities. The Category Analytics module leverages granular, bottom-up data to manage and optimize critical spend categories.

New Functionality

SpendHQ 2.0 reflects a complete modernization of the software, built to be ‘future-proof’ so that as new technologies and capabilities become available, they can be quickly integrated. This entirely new platform includes all of the functionality of the legacy product but also several new features.

Advanced Embedded Analytics

With SpendHQ 2.0, procurement teams now have the ability to create their own custom dashboards with multiple data dimensions, creating impactful and actionable insights that can be shared with key stakeholders.

Sourcing Opportunity Identification

Insight Sourcing Group’s strategic sourcing heritage is embedded directly into 2.0, so that every user of SpendHQ has detailed insight into areas of opportunity for savings.

With SpendHQ, procurement teams can:

  • Visualize spend from a sourcing-level category structure
  • Reduce error from manual analysis
  • Easily customize & create KPI reports
  • Identify new suppliers with high spend for potential targeted negotiations
  • Gain executive buy-in & influence more organizational spend
  • Eliminate maverick & non-compliant spend
  • Benchmark your performance by category
  • Develop savings roadmap & improve sourcing effectiveness

A Powerful Spend Analytics Platform.

SpendHQ 2.0 transforms your raw data into sourcing-caliber data, displays it on our enhanced visualization platform, and allows you to draw insights that can uncover tremendous savings opportunities.

AI-driven Data Cleansing
World-Class Data Accuracy
Customized Taxonomy
Intuitive User Interface
KPI & Metrics Tracking
Sourcing Opportunity Identification
Compliance Monitoring

SpendHQ takes all of your messy, raw spend data through our market-leading spend data optimization process to ensure a minimum target of 97% spend categorization. Our innovative data approach incorporates advanced algorithm-based analytics built upon the $4 trillion in spend and 20 million unique vendor records we’ve categorized over the years to cleanse, normalize, and strategically categorize procurement data.

Our intuitive user interface allows you to visualize your spend the way you need to see it.  With best-in-class KPI and custom report capabilities, you are able to access the insights you need to make more meaningful decisions front-and-center, immediately upon login.  Build unlimited custom reports with our fully integrated BI capability in our analytics module utilizing all data within SpendHQ or other data sets you might like to visualize.

SpendHQ goes beyond spend visibility. You are able to leverage the our sourcing heritage with detailed insight into areas of opportunity for savings based on our experience sourcing over 6,000 strategic sourcing projects.  From uncovering maverick spend to identifying savings opportunities, SpendHQ puts you in control of your organizations spend.

What the Experts Say About SpendHQ

“…impressive strides forward…”

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SpendHQ goes beyond spend visibility and provides procurement leaders with the insight they need to truly impact their bottom line.