Program Overview

Insight Sourcing Group is facilitating an Ocean Freight leveraged sourcing event on behalf of our clients. Participation will provide shippers with greater buying power and rate visibility due to the combined leverage of multiple participants. Shippers will make independent decisions regarding carrier awards, and rates and space commitments will be negotiated based on each shipper’s specific requirements.

Insight Sourcing Group expects to facilitate the 2020 process for approximately 30 shippers, targeting more than 100,000 annual TEUs. For nominal fixed fee, our firm will deliver an efficient sourcing and contracting process with an ROI delivered in 6 to 8 weeks.

Why Now?

Given the level of volatility in the market, ocean freight over the next two to three years may require a much higher level of attention than in the past. Recent changes include:

  • Changes to low sulfur fuel regulations, leading to 2x higher fuel costs (IMO 2020)
  • High levels of Geopolitical instability and recent Chinese tariffs
  • Artificial capacity restrictions implemented by the carriers (currently at a seven year high)

Benefits of Joining Our Leveraged Sourcing Event

The importance of going out to the market now—and a benefit of participating in this aggregated event—is:

  • You are not on the sidelines being subjected to increases and surcharges. You are taking an active role in managing your Ocean Freight rates.
  • You have a fair and transparent transition to IMO 2020, which prevents exposure to unexpected pricing changes
    and provides visibility into your rates.
  • You are ensuring your business gets the service it needs at competitive rates.

Our Ocean Freight Sourcing Results


Average Client Savings
on Ocean Freight

6 – 8 Weeks

Average Time-frame for Clients
to See ROI


Average Our Results Outperform
the Market By

<strong>Interested in Paticipating in the 2020 Leveraged Event?</strong>

Interested in Paticipating in the 2020 Leveraged Event?

Click here to send us a note with your information and our program manager, Dylan Alperin, will be in touch with you.