The End of the Asset vs. Broker Debate

How Digital Freight Brokers Transcend Traditional Definitions

In this new whitepaper, brought to you by Transfix and Insight Sourcing Group, learn how:

  • Machine learning, AI, improved shipment visibility, and data driven predictive technology are powering freight networks to create a win-win for shippers and carriers alike.
  • Best in class digital freight brokerages (DFBs) are delivering commitments on pricing and service like never before.
  • Contrary to popular belief, brokers who specialize in drop trailers can provide more flexibility compared to an asset-based carrier while still maintaining high service levels.
  • DFBs can help shippers optimize their supply chain through data-driven insights which shippers cannot normally access themselves or through asset-based carriers.

Plus, don’t miss out on the 11 key questions every shipper should ask their suppliers!

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