Top Moves to Transform Procurement

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You have probably seen the statistics showing that the leading companies on the Fortune 500 have approximately 70% to 80% of their indirect spend under management. These organizations can also achieve anywhere from 2% to 4% incremental savings year over year on this spend through optimizing the procurement strategy for just their indirects.

How are they doing that? And how does your company stack up?

In this perspective, we’ll illustrate a few examples of companies that look just like yours and that are asking the same questions you are about what is right for them in terms of their procurement strategy.

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What’s in this issue


Key Decisions to Make

We’ll look at the two most important questions facing procurement organizations: what is your current level of procurement maturity, and how mature do you want to be?


Stages of Maturity

We’ll examine the different levels of procurement maturity – the roles seen at each level, the characteristics of companies at each level, and concerns to be aware of.


Moving from Stage to Stage

We show you examples of how clients we’ve worked with have moved through the different stages of procurement maturity and the signs that they were ready to make a move.

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