Spend Insights Podcast with ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions

Spend Insights welcomes Richard Heath, Director of Enterprise Energy & Sustainability with ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions 

As an energy and demand management expert, Richard shares his personal insights and experiences for how finance and procurement can better forecast and budget energy spend and addresses the best practices ISG Energy uses to manage energy spend based on the organizational, regulatory and environmental factors that can impact it.

Richard Heath leads ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions‘ Demand Management & Energy Efficiency business where he partners with global commercial and industrial clients to reduce waste and overall consumption across their portfolios. With over 20 years of experience in strategic leadership, consulting, and operations management in the supermarket and retail sector, Richard bring new insights to ISG Energy and can provide a new client perspective around enterprise-wide energy management.

“Most of the time what we find is utility spend, even though can be quite substantial in an organization, seems to be looked at as unaddressable. By that I mean they look at energy as an annual spend that is going to be at a ‘run-rate’ year over year and then budget for that rate for following year. The problem or opportunity with that approach is that it starts off with an assumption without any tie to a business metric. This is where we find opportunity to look at the energy spend and the data analytics to make it more addressable for our clients”.
– Richard Heath, ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions 

Effective client engagement at both ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions and SpendHQ  all starts with data. Data drives every decision and allows our team to equip clients with strategic recommendations and sustainability solutions that meet their financial targets.

If you are interested in a comprehensive energy assessment to evaluate your portfolio to uncover opportunities hiding in your energy spend, send us a note! 

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About ISG Enterprise Energy Solutions

Our team of energy experts partner with clients to provide comprehensive supply and demand management solutions in order to reduce energy costs and manage risk. By understanding our clients’ cost drivers, consumption profile, and operational requirements, we are able to assist them to identify, analyze, and execute sustainability solutions that meet their financial targets.

We stand out from our competition because we are truly unbiased advisors to our clients. The energy industry’s consolidation of suppliers, consultants, and equipment providers has only increased the value of having an independent third party that can make decisions to maximize value for the end consumer.

Our energy management process is proactive, market driven, and supported by proprietary market intelligence gathered from years in the industry. Our Insight Engine provides our team with benchmarks and industry profiles which expedite the path from identifying opportunities to implementing savings.

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