Spend Visibility Software, SpendHQ, leads the pack in Customer Value and End-User Experience

by Mackenzie Hediger, Associate at Insight Sourcing Group 

The Spend Matters SolutionMap for Spend Analytics was recently released and Insight Sourcing Group’s spend visibility software, SpendHQ, received a highly favorable ranking.

SolutionMap helps sourcing professionals stay informed on today’s top procurement technologies and helps procurement organizations identify the best solution to meet their unique needs. One of their many categories that they featured is Spend and Procurement Analytics. Within that category, Spend Matters allows a procurement professional to assume a “buying persona” that reflects their organization’s value proposition and specific spend needs and then ranks the tools on weighted requirements accordingly.

“We set out to develop a highly configurable ranking of Spend Analysis solution provider capabilities to reflect persona-based customer requirements, quarterly market developments, peer reviews, and innovation,” says Jason Busch, Founder, Spend Matters. “SolutionMap is the culmination of our efforts. No two procurement organizations are the same, and often selecting the right Spend Analysis provider doesn’t come down to technological capability alone.” 

Several spend and procurement analytics tools, including SpendHQ, are illustrated with a purple bubble across multiple quadrants based on specified criteria. The color represents the number of submitted references with darker being the best, and the size indicates the number of current customers.

As SpendHQ is just one of the numerous providers listed in SolutionMap, the Spend Matters Technology Review gives an in-depth analysis of all of the capabilities of the top procurement analytics tools currently on the market. It is important for a procurement leader to read this report through the lens of their own company’s buying needs and technological goals to ensure that their tool is the best fit for them. Technology is always changing within the procurement and spend analytics world and Spend Matters always works to keep us informed.

Is your firm using the best procurement analytics tool based on your buying needs?

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