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The Chief Procurement Officer needs to transform the procurement organization to embrace robust technologies, new areas of responsibility, and increased contribution to corporate governance. This requires today’s CPO to develop a new view of the workforce they place in their organization to manage these new initiatives.

Ultimately, the ability of CPOs to navigate these challenges will determine the success of their procurement operations. This is a roadmap for establishing a forward-thinking procurement organization, under the guidance of a visionary Chief Procurement Officer – the Advanced CPO.

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In this guide, we cover:

2023 Procurement Challenges

Introducing the Advanced CPO

Advancing Procurement: CPO Strategies for 2023

  1. Ensure Supply Continuity
  2. Minimize Inflationary Impact
  3. Advance Spend Management
  4. Assess Exposure, Mitigate Risk
  5. Develop an Agile Supply Chain
  6. Modernize Category Management
  7. Architect The Technology Landscape
  8. Mix Talent Strategies to Bridge Skill Gaps


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