GPO Programs

Group Purchasing Solutions to Drive Rapid Savings & Efficiency

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) programs are a streamlined solution for our clients to realize rapid savings and access pre-leveraged agreements with leading suppliers, so you get the best possible pricing and service levels. Insight Sourcing Group clients have access to North America’s largest GPO networks.

Coverage & Types of Categories

Members have access to a robust portfolio of agreements including both indirect and direct material and service offerings such as:

  • Office Supplies
  • Car Rental
  • Background Checks
  • Uniform Rental
  • Staffing & Workforce Solutions
  • Industrial Supplies
  • IT Hardware MFDs
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Roofing
  • Safety Supplies
  • Promotional Products Management
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • + Dozens of Other Indirect Categories

Process of Getting Started

After joining with free membership, the path to savings for GPO members is a simple four step process:

Step 1: Member Engagement Plan

Partner together to outline your current spend profile.

Step 2: Category Identification

Evaluate programs to determine where the most value exists

Step 3: Analysis & Findings

Conduct cost analysis of existing contracts

Step 4: Execution & Ongoing Program Management

Dedicated support guarantees a seamless integration

The GPO Difference

Members see a wide-range of benefits including better results (15-25% savings versus sourcing on your own in GPO-related categories), enhanced category management (which acts as an extension of your team), and all programs are supplier-paid, meaning there is no cost to members to join and no minimum commitments. Members also see the following benefits:

Quality Brands
Members have access to top brands as the programs are tied to the best supplier brands across a wide variety of categories, services, and solutions.
Supply Chain Relevancy
Group purchasing programs are extremely relevant to members' supply chains as they offer services and products in both Direct and Indirect categories.

Speed to Savings
Service requests are elevated, contracts are prequalified, and RFPs are unnecessary for GPO categories. Procurement can make informed purchasing decisions easier and quicker.

Interested in Learning More About How to Save with GPOs?

Take the first step in your journey toward the next level in purchasing by joining a GPO, which gives you the power, access and trust to help your business reach new heights.