Fujifilm Plans to Acquire Xerox

Fujifilm has announced plans to acquire Xerox in an effort to create a new combined Fuji Xerox company. The deal comes after declining revenue resulting from reduced demand for copiers and printers at Xerox and pressure from shareholders to improve performance and / or change leadership. As a part of the deal, Fujifilm has announced that it plans to lay off 10,000 Fuji Xerox workers. While many expect the deal to go through, there is still some pushback from investors.

While the Xerox acquisition by Fujifilm is still unfolding, the events reflect uncertainty around how to adapt to declining sales from Xerox, who in 2017 split its business process outsourcing operations from its core business in a similar effort to improve profitability. The Office Equipment industry as a whole is certainly undergoing change as suppliers adapt to declining hardware sales and are attempting to refocus their business strategies. With the change and uncertainty in the industry, Insight Sourcing Group is continuing to monitor the market and ensure that our 800+ Office Equipment GPO members are receiving best-in-class value and service. The Xerox acquisition is unlikely to be the last shake-up in the industry and, instead of having to monitor the daily news for activity, InsightGPO members can be assured that our team is constantly looking to make sure that members have as much stability as possible.