Procurement: The Untapped Strategic Lever for Mergers & Acquisitions

Executive Guide: M&A Integration

The first 100 days after a merger or acquisition often sets the tone for the new entity and can influence long term success. The environment is typically perfect for procurement synergy capture. When executed correctly, procurement optimization can improve EBITDA by an average of 10 – 30 percent, which is one reason why procurement is an untapped strategic lever for M&A.

In this paper, you’ll learn why the M&A environment provides a prime opportunity to effect change and how to identify savings opportunity areas and leverage procurement strategies for immediate EBITDA improvement.

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What’s in this issue


M&A – Perfect Time for Change

Copy: We’ll cover the three opportunities that arise during a merger or acquisition which makes the environment perfect to effect change.


3 Reasons to Focus on Procurement

Copy: If the first 100 days are handled correctly, organizations can leverage the M&A environment to significantly improve EBITDA via procurement cost optimization.


Recommended M&A Playbook

Copy: We’ll give you our recommended playbook to identify opportunities and leverage procurement strategies for immediate EBITDA improvement.

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