Sourcing Accomplished…Now What?

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You’ve invested countless hours strategically sourcing multiple categories and are on track to deliver significant and important savings to your company’s bottom line. But then something peculiar happens; the savings don’t stick and what was negotiated isn’t being realized.

What happened? And where did the savings go?

In this perspective paper, we’ll look at why companies aren’t getting the full value after strategic sourcing projects are completed, and we’ll provide you with the playbook to get those hard-fought savings to actually stick.

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What’s in this issue


Where Did the Savings Go?

We’ll explore the savings leakage that most procurement organizations experience, which is why they aren’t getting the full value post-Sourcing.


Category Management Strategy

We’ll discuss how to develop a strong Category Management Strategy prior to your sourcing event, and the components that ensure you’re plugging the savings leakage.


Playbook for Savings Stickiness

Once you have the Category Management Strategy in place, we’ll give you the playbook to make sure those hard fought strategic sourcing savings stick.

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