Sourcing Accomplished…Now What?How to Sustain Your Sourcing Savings

Stop Your Savings Leakage.

Procurement teams invest countless hours into strategic sourcing events with the hopes that they will deliver significant savings to their company’s bottom line. However, research suggests that less than half of companies actively manage categories after sourcing events.

Our experience has shown that, on average, companies lose 40% of their savings to maverick spending and another 15% due to vendor contract noncompliance. This means that without active category management, companies are losing up to 50% or more of their savings.

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We found the problem of savings leakage so prevalent that we developed our own technology-enabled managed service, Insight Analytics, to help companies drive savings to the bottom line by minimizing pricing errors, driving compliance, and capturing incremental savings on an ongoing basis. Tracking savings, preventing savings leakage, and driving incremental value are three ways Insight Analytics helps businesses and procurement organizations succeed.

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