Equipment, Engineering & Construction COE

Our Equipment, Engineering & Construction COE specializes in strategic sourcing, supply chain resiliency, and cost optimization across capital equipment, general contractors, architectural design/engineering firms, project management firms, commissioning agents, and more. We tailor our strategies to the client and project at hand to drive the best cost and value.

Equipment, Engineering & Construction COE Services

Insight Sourcing Group’s Equipment, Engineering & Construction COE offers the following array of services:

  • Optimize supply chain and deliver value on CapEx spend through customized procurement approach. Our proven methodology is focused on holistic TCO (e.g. acquisition, operations, maintenance, disposal), aggregating and leveraging enterprise wide volumes across muti-year forecasts, facilitating coordination and alignment with cross-functional team (e.g. procurement, engineering, construction, finance), facilitating standardization of products and specifications, establishing best-in-class contract terms with multi-year benefits, and identifying opportunities to increase supply chain resiliency and decrease speed to market
    • Specialize in sourcing variety of building related capital equipment, including but not limited to: Mechanical (Chillers, CRAHs/CRACS, RTUs, Humidifiers), Electrical (Generators, UPS Systems, LV & MV Switchgear, PDUs, STSs, RPPs, Batteries, Cable Bus/Tray), and Architectural (Roofing, Ceiling Grid & Walls, Wall paneling, Flooring, Lighting)
    • Average project timeline is typically 3-6 months from supplier engagement to contract execution
  • Provide value in an area that is typically viewed as difficult to address by utilizing our experience developing client-specific procurement strategies based on a number of factors like project/program repeatability, GC project delivery models (, design/build, construction management at risk, integrated project management), and other non-commercial elements
  • Utilize custom developed supplier qualification and RFP templates that optimize and organize the GC bidding process in a manner that allows for clean bid leveling between participants based on the fee models of GC sourcing (GC/GR only, lump sum, fixed fee with trade costs, etc.) and other non-commercial elements like GC experience and relevant background, team tenure and familiarity, project timelines, and project plans, which are all critical to the decision process
  • Utilize experience interacting with AE firms and intimate knowledge of AE firm dynamics, benchmarks, and cost structures to deliver value/savings in a category that is often not challenged due to perceived constraints and specialization. We challenge the level of embeddedness of incumbent firms to open doors to alternates as well as use competitive approaches to keep incumbent pricing honest
  • Competitively source and provide guidance on PM firms and Commissioning agents based on direct operational experiences, knowledge of cost structures, benchmarks, and market input
  • Partner in longer term engagement where we provide strategic guidance on ways to maximize sourcing effectiveness and supply chain resiliency, with ability to partner in the strategy execution and long-term supply chain management
  • Through managed service approach, provide greater impact to capital expenditures, TCO reductions, pipeline management, procurement approach, and equipment forecasting by becoming more integrated with cross-functional BU teams and more involved in the budgeting and planning processes

Category Snapshot

  • Capital Equipment
  • GC & Project Management Services
  • Architectural Services
  • Design & Engineering Services
  • Capital Equipment Supply Chain Optimization

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