Office Supplies GPO Program Features

Insight Sourcing Group built and manages a world-class Office Supplies GPO program with typical savings of between 10% to 25% and no membership fees.

  • 99% Retention Rate Over a Decade – Since 2005, our Office Supplies GPO program has immediately jumpstarted earnings improvement for new members through expenditure savings.
  • Go Live within 30 Days – We can take you live quickly and we only require a minimal time commitment from you.
  • No Membership Fees – There are no membership fees, enabling immediate savings. We and our members receive a rebate from the supplier based on total program volume.
  • Best in Class Catalog Pricing & Contract Terms with No Volume Commitments – Our comprehensive pricing covers all available items both within and outside the standard catalogs. Insight Sourcing Group contractually controls price changes over time with suppliers to sustain savings. Free next day delivery is standard.
  • Join Over 250 Member Companies – All member companies receive the same best-in-class pricing. Members range from midmarket Private Equity-owned companies to Fortune 1000 companies.


World-Class Category Management

Members receive active support from our Category Management team who monitor and manage supplier performance, negotiate any price changes, audit pricing to ensure accuracy, and make unbiased recommendations to drive incremental savings. We address any unresolved service issues through our supplier senior executive relationships. Plus, you get access to the SpendHQ Category Management solution, to manage demand and compliance in just minutes per month.

  • Key reports include Spend Tracking, Line-Item Savings Tracking, and Compliance Tracking.
  • Each report is backed by line-item detail, with the ability to view spend by location and buyer.
  • All data is stored over time allowing for data trends to be analyzed over extended timeframes.
  • Ad Hoc reports can be customized and exported directly to Excel to allow further analysis.


Our highly customizable Category Management Tool enables clients to manage office supplies quickly and effectively.

  • Spend Savings & Tracking
  • Compliance & Demand Management
  • Pricing Audit & Recovery
  • Spend Analysis by Location, Buyer, Division, etc.

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