Insight Sourcing Group Sustainability Initiative Case Study

Insight Sourcing Group (ISG) has launched a sustainability program aligned with the organization’s strong commitment to environmental stewardship, renewable energy, and waste reduction. The firm has set a 100% renewable energy goal for 2030 and has committed to sourcing its electricity from renewable sources at its Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. Through the procurement of renewable energy certificates (RECs), ISG’s Atlanta office is slated to operate 100% from renewable energy sources from 2022 through 2024. ISG is dedicated to expanding this commitment to its Louisville, Kentucky office beginning in 2023.

As part of its sustainability initiative, ISG conducted a measurement of its Scope 1, Scope 2, and selected Scope 3 emissions categories, and is committed to improving the quality and breadth of this inventory in the future. Furthermore, ISG has implemented internal initiatives designed to minimize energy use, minimize waste, and reduce emissions associated with employee commuting. These commitments and actions place ISG among the leading professional services firms worldwide who are taking action to help address the global challenge of climate change by conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.

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