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Interactive COVID-19 Dashboards

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In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Insight Sourcing Group is helping clients analyze and understand the impact on their procurement and supply chain needs. Our technology-enabled managed service division, Insight Analytics, has developed pre-built interactive dashboards that enable clients to make key operational decisions as they manage through the crisis. Example use cases from clients include:

  • Healthcare companies leveraging the data on daily infection rates by county to help manage their inventory of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) across their network of providers.
  • Retail companies combining peak infection forecasts with shelter-in-place order end dates to help plan and estimate store reopenings.

If your company is in need of analytical tools and capabilities to leverage key COVID-19 data, please contact us. Our team will be happy to share a demo of the COVID-19 dashboard.

Our Perspective & Approach

We understand that nearly all companies are battling the negative, sometimes crippling effects, of the global COVID pandemic. Most companies have taken immediate action to focus on critical priorities such as establishing a crisis task force, protecting the health and welfare of your employees, and identifying opportunities to conserve cash.

The one thing that is obvious now is that no one can accurately predict the length or long-term implications of the current crisis. So, it stands to reason that each company should rapidly consider any and every idea that might address their unique needs in the short-term and then reassess that strategy on a regular basis, adapting as appropriate.

In the midst of this uncertainty, it is critical that companies be disciplined about which strategies to prioritize and pursue. Given our unique position in the market, we wanted to share top of mind topics and ideas from conversations with dozens of our clients that, if you have not already executed against them, might have a significant effect on the near- and long-term health of your company.

ISG’s Value-Added Services to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis:

  • Supply Chain Continuity and Resilience Analysis & Tracking
  • COVID Impact Data Dashboards / Tracking
  • PPE Specific Supplier Risk Analysis & Tracking
  • PPE & Cleaning Supplies Supplier Identification
  • Stop Spend Rapid Diagnostic
  • Category Crisis Management (Category Specific Management Programs in Current Environment)
  • Zero-Based Budgeting Through Spend Benchmarking
  • Leveraged Sourcing Events
  • Facilitation of 3rd Party Funding Mechanisms in Support of Capital Intensive Energy Projects

COVID-19 Procurement Resource Center

Executive Thought Leadership Guides

Ideas and recommendations around why procurement optimization is a strategic lever and how to make it actionable.

Procurement as a Cash Creator in Tough Times
Our perspective on why procurement is one of the most strategic levers senior executives can pull in an economic crisis.
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Our Recession Playbook
Our executive guide highlighting the specific steps and areas of focus to not only lock down savings, but drive dramatic additional savings as well.
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Client Case Studies

Examples of the innovative and creative approaches to COVID-related challenges we’re tackling with some of our current clients.

Health Care Services Client
Data Center & Colocation Client
Top 10 Private Equity Firm Client

Market Intelligence

General industry intelligence informed by the market impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Logistics Category Intel
I.T. Category Intel
Travel Category Intel

Need Immediate Help During the COVID Crisis?

If the need arises, we’re here to help. While all of our businesses are in uncharted territory, our firm was built to handle moments like this, and our relentless commitment to your success is stronger than ever.