Climate Strategy

Achieve Sustainable Results.

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices are receiving unprecedented attention from executives, employees, customers and investors. Carbon emissions have become a closely scrutinized KPI in global capital markets. The need to reduce your organizational carbon footprint has never been more urgent than it is today.

At ISG Energy, we understand these pressures and have built our services to help you meet this challenge and outperform your competitors. Our experts break-down complexity, develop strategies collaboratively, and manage execution as an extension of your team. We remove barriers to rapid and profitable decarbonization.

Emissions Measurement and Dashboarding

We help measure and track your carbon footprint. Empower your team with a suite of advanced tools and dashboard services that provide visibility and analytics to inform your journey to zero carbon.

Decarbonization Strategy and Execution

We help navigate the complexity of setting and achieving climate goals. Accelerate your strategic planning with a customized and actionable project roadmap from ISG. Partner with our team of energy and procurement experts to achieve your targets.

Carbon Markets and Finance Advisory

We help break down the fundamentals of carbon accounting and deliver procurement best practices. Find the right balance between quality and price of energy attributes and carbon offsets to meet your climate goals while managing costs.

Supply Chain Carbon Management

We help measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions through operational optimization and supplier engagement. Leverage our procurement focus and supply chain expertise to target Scope 3 emissions through custom analytics, optimization and supplier negotiations.

Insight Sourcing