Creative Financing

Achieve Sustainable Results.

Demand reduction and renewable energy are the most reliable and profitable solutions for rapid decarbonization. However, sustainable infrastructure projects can be complex and capital-intensive. Capital budget availability has become a rate limiting factor for corporate emissions reductions.

ISG helps companies bypass capital budget requests with custom financing strategies to get more done faster. We deliver scalable energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that require zero upfront costs and drive immediate and guaranteed savings.

Energy-as-a-Service Project Financing

We manage the turnkey project development process for our clients, delivering customized energy infrastructure and financing solutions to scale emissions reductions at no upfront cost.

Tax Equity Advisory and Incentives Capture

We work with our clients to help their sustainability projects pencil. Through innovative funding solutions that eliminate capital constraints we accelerate renewable energy purchases and sustainability initiatives.​

Cash-Flow Positive Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy doesn’t have to come at a premium. On-site and off-site renewable projects are typically capitalized and financed, enabling customers to pay on a per unit of electricity basis securing savings from the start.

Tailored Financing Strategy and Capital Advisory

ISG helps clients develop and execute Decarbonization Programs, prioritizing projects by financial impact to achieve goals while eliminating CAPEX requirements and maximizing cost savings.

Insight Sourcing