Cost Reduction

Achieve Sustainable Results.

At ISG we know that the most efficient energy dollar is the one you never have to spend, and the most sustainable carbon footprint is the one never made.

We leverage our in-house expertise in Energy Procurement, Rate Analysis, Community Solar, Energy Efficiency and more, not simply to plan but to deliver reductions in both Cost and Carbon.

Efficiency Retrofits and Facility Optimization

We analyze energy and building data to find the most cost-effective energy efficiency projects to reduce GHG emissions and save on energy costs. Our unbiased assessment of product and technology options, regulatory influences and incentive programs target the highest ROI projects, competitively source reliable vendors and carry projects through to success.

Smart Building Controls and Demand Response

We select and install Smart Building Automation and Control solutions that allow you to reduce waste, improve occupant conditions and avoid peak pricing. Our unbiased solutions deliver both increased energy efficiency and greater facility effectiveness.

Energy Procurement and Risk Management

Every single day our team monitors deregulated energy markets for you, optimizing your vendor mix and securing better contracts, ensuring your pricing goals, sustainable energy needs and market risk management all move in perfect harmony to power your good work.

Utility Rate Tariff Optimization and Negotiation

We drive deep results in regulated markets, using vast historic utility data to identify and implementing alternatives that lead to savings and/or more stable cost structures. Even without operational changes, our in-house experts find and save you money in constantly fluctuating markets.

Insight Sourcing