Renewable Energy

Achieve Sustainable Results.

As thought-leaders in the ESG space, ISG introduces new ideas and innovative sustainability strategies that prioritize risk mitigation and deliver a high ROI.

Our client-custom processes save you time and labor, while getting you better quality data that will make your Sustainability Action Plan even smarter. We use our experts in Energy Procurement, Rate Analysis, Community Solar, Energy Efficiency and more, not simply to plan but to deliver reductions in both Cost and Carbon.

Renewable Energy Procurement Advisory (vPPA / PPA)

Renewable energy is an emerging marketplace full of uncertainty, volatility and risk. ISG brings you proprietary tools to identify renewable projects meeting your requirements for market risk and pricing. We then execute competitive RFPs, full contract negotiations and final procurement.

Utility Green Tariffs and REC Purchasing

We customize a Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) purchasing strategy that fits your needs. We analyze both local green tariffs and traditional REC purchasing, while obtaining RECs for your “final mile” sustainability goals, or even temporary solutions allowing your longer term carbon strategies pass through more robust review cycles.

Community Solar Procurement

Community Solar Programs can deliver flexible service terms, guaranteed savings, and the ability to market a message of clean energy support. We negotiate and implement contracts that mitigate termination risk, while delivering a scalable solution that can be rolled-out across the country and into new markets as they emerge.

On-Site Solar and Energy Storage

The environmental and grid benefits of on-site solar, combined with falling prices, make these projects a critical element of a best-in-class Sustainability Program. ISG helps clients navigate a dynamic regulatory environment, understanding and executing within emerging policy frameworks.

Insight Sourcing